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    Welcome to Plastic Online Limited.


    At Plastic Online, we pride ourselves on quality. We offer broad industry knowledge and our professional team are able to assist with design and material selection for any project whether it be a one off or large quantity.




    Please feel free to browse our website which is a wonderful introduction to just a few of the capabilities and products we have to offer.




    Alternatively, please click here  to submit details about your requirements for a custom quotation.







    We are happy to service council and school orders. We offer a simple, quick and hassle free way for government departments to stock up on their plastic necessities and products. Contact us for further details.





    We supply cut to size plastic sheets, rod and tube. In addition, we can also supply cut to shape plastic, working from instruction, drawings or templates. No order is too small or large, we offer all our services to both businesses and the general public. Visit our supplies website to purchase online now.







    We have a vast range of products which we have already designed available from our display website catering for almost every industry as well as for home and office. Feel free to look around and remember, all our product are fabricated in-house therefore if any item needs adjustment to better suit your needs, simply contact us for a quotation with the amendments required and we will respond with your custom quotation.






    We are extremely versatile and here to help with any ideas you may have. With unrivalled experience, our team are highly knowledgeable and able to provide valuable assistance and advice appropriate to the design of your product.




    The majority of our work is bespoke manufacture to customer specifications. We therefore offer an ideal service for shop fitters, retailers, designers and the general public who require custom designs and products to suit specific needs.








    The fabrication and assembly of plastic components uses a diverse range of skills and our experience and understanding of the different techniques involved is a service we can offer our clients.




    We are able to provide invaluable expertise in areas such as material specification, bonding technique and thermoforming. Combined with our machining facilities, you can be rest assured that your product will be to your exact specification and suited to your required application.





    We have specialist wall saws, bed saws, band saws and computer operated machinery available to help us produce your product as cost effectively as possible.




    In addition to these facilities, we have reliable Onsrud routers and two computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines which are able to accurately cut, rout and engrave detailed designs. Our specialist equipment means your product will be manufactured with great attention to accuracy and detail.








    Thermoforming plastics is one of our specialities so if your product or design requires formed plastic, we have the machinery and tools for the job.




    We have multi-beam line benders, up to 3m in length, that provide an ideal resource for high production runs and offers a cost effective process for numerous simultaneous bends.




    We are also able to oven/drape form and our experienced fabricators can construct or utilise existing moulds dependant on your product requirements.