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  • Black Extruded (XT) Acrylic Sheet


    Black Extruded (XT) Acrylic Sheet

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      This material is brand new extruded acrylic sheet. Acrylic is extremely versatile and is one of the most widespread, well known, plastic materials in everyday use. The material can be used for numerous applications, from arts and crafts, DIY projects and even retail displays and signs.


      With such a vast selection of colours, tints and frosts available, explore our website to find a colour to suit your requirements.


      Acrylic can be cut, routed, drilled, thermoformed and polished making it an ideal material for so many uses limited almost only by your imagination.


      Acrylic can sometimes be referred to as Perspex, Plexiglas, Altuglas, Lucite and Policril. These are simply brand names of acrylic, much like Hoover is with regards to vacuum cleaners.


      IMPORTANT NOTE: All images are for demonstration purposes only. Different monitors and printers will have varying colour settings. We advise you to purchase a sample if you are concerned about exact colour matches. Samples can be purchased here.





      Differences between cast and extruded acrylic

      Acrylic sheet is manufactured by two methods, casting (cast) and extrusion (extruded or XT). Cast acrylic is manufactured by casting liquid plastic into a mould whereas extruded acrylic is produced by continuously pushing the acrylic through a form over a production line.


      Whilst some may argue on one being superior over the other, the fact is, the different manufacturing process means there are small but significant variances. They are two different materials in nature and as such offer advantages and disadvantages depending on many various factors and requirements. The following is a small example of some of the differences associated with cast and extruded acrylic.


      Thickness Tolerance

      Extruded acrylic has a regular consistent thickness throughout the sheet and is the choice when thickness tolerance is of importance. Cast acrylic on the other hand has quite a poor tolerance of up to +/- 10% over the surface of the sheet which is often a surprise to many people including designers. This in turn has created many significant problems when fabricating to tight dimensions and even fitting within construction projects.


      Chemical resistance & stress crazing

      Cast acrylic has a better chemical resistance over extruded acrylic. The manufacturing process of extruded results in high tension (stress), making extruded more susceptible to crazing when exposed to chemicals however certain fabricating processes can add stress into both types on material which will in turn increase the risk of stress crazing.



      Cast acrylic is available in a wide range of colours, finishes and thicknesses. The extrusion manufacturing process is only cost effective for large quantity runs therefore extruded colours are quite limited and usually only available as standard in clear, black and opal/white variants.


      Fire rating

      In general, the fire performance of acrylic is poor however the decomposition productions are less harmful than many other plastic materials that emit dangerous particles. PVC is one example of this as despite its Class 1 fire rating and self-extinguishing nature, it can, in some instances, be more dangerous in a fire situation.



      In addition to the property differences, of which some are mentioned above, there is also the economics of the manufacturing process and economies of scale. The cost effectiveness of the extrusion process relies upon large batch production of a specific thickness and colour. This is often in minimum runs of 5 tonnes whereas cast acrylic batch production can be as low as 1 tonne. Cast therefore offers easier production of the expansive range of colours and special finishes such as frosted, metallic and patterns. If a specific colour match is required, this will usually be made in cast thanks to the low production run requirement.


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